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Happy Diwali

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Today, as a nation, we celebrate Diwali. In Trinidad and Tobago, it is a national holiday, and is being the melting pot of cultures that we are, everyone in some way celebrates this festivity. Devotees would clean their homes and surroundings, wear new clothing, give charity to the needy and prepare special meals and sweet treats: Burfi, Gulab Jamun, my personal favourite Khurma , just to name a few.

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights that symbolizes the lifting of spiritual darkness. I remember in primary school, having projects, colouring pages of diyas. Sometimes even making our own to take home.

For those of you that are not familiar, a diya is a small clay pot that contains oil and a cotton wick that is lit. In Trinidad, coconut oil is used to keep the diyas burning. As a child I looked forward to driving around with my family at night looking at all the lights, amazed at the different designs that were created. Being able to witness the artistry of it all really is a site to behold.


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