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Our Team

Our Team

Jean-Paul Honore; Customer Relations/Managing Partner

Jean-Paul's passion for food started at a young age. His grandmother, who lived in Tunapuna, Trinidad, would bake and prepare a wide variety of traditional island dishes. The variety of flavors she produced was amazing, but the consistent quality of every dish was a testament to her skill. Flavourful, decadent, and delicious, one plate was never enough. It was through his grandmother's example that Jean-Paul gained an appreciation for the art of food preparation and a taste of the flavorful possibilities. Today, Jean-Paul continues the MyTriniGrocery tradition of food preparation and retail by building upon what his grandmother did so well. When demand suggest new products and flavor combinations, he and his staff listen. Every new product is the result of careful consideration taste testing, and perfecting recipes. Anything less than excellent is scratched because Jean-Paul believes in making and serving only the best. A lofty ambition? Perhaps. But Jean-Paul would have it no other way, and his customers have come to expect nothing less.

Robert Defreitas; Warehouse Manager

A dedicated and knowledgeable manager, Robert has been with MyTriniGrocery since it's beginning. He has a knack for logistics that has been honed from repetition in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Working alongside shipping manager Jason Cummings, Robert is integral to new product distribution, from initial concept and testing through to completion.

Jason Cummings; Shipping Manager

As important as food preparation is, making sure that the ingredients arrive to our customers in a manner that is both timely and efficient is just as important. MyTrinigrocery is fortunate to have Jason at the helm. A 12-year veteran in the industry, he effortlessly manages and expedites all orders and customer requests. Jason works in tandem with the manufacturers and ensures that the only concern they should have is making the finest ingredients and food and beverage products. He knows all too well how to handle the rest.


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