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Happy Diwali 2014 From MyTriniGrocery

Today is a festive day for Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated annually among Hindus the world over. The occasion known as Diwali (Diwali or Deepvali) is the Festival of Lights, that purports a spiritual symbolic victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair, and good over evil. The occasion is celebrated with the lighting of diyas, [...]

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Trinidad and Tobago's Independence Day

As we approach the 52nd Independence Day, we wish all the people of Trinidad and Tobago a safe and joyous time with family and loved ones. When Trinidad was explored by Columbus in 1498, it was inhabited by the Arawaks;Carib Indians inhabited Tobago.Trinidad remained in Spanish possession, despite raids by other European nations, until it was [...]

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Cook Something Special This Father's Day

One of the traditional pairings in Trinidadian cooking, this is a satisfying meal by itself, and goes well with stewed chicken or fish. Callaloo may be served as a soup, or thicker, as a vegetable paste.Callaloo has also taken on meanings beyond the culinary; a callaloo is a melange, a mix up, a potpourri, but [...]

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An Easter To Remember

For many of us here in the United States, with a Caribbean heritage. Easter weekend means families traveling across state to be with their loved ones and experience a variety of traditional homemade dishes including coconut sweet bread, hot cross buns, christmas style ham not to mention the occasional pastelle.Somehow, the unified cooking forces amongst [...]

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